Bargaining Report #6

It looks like the companies Ebenezer Rove did not get visited the other day by the three ghost union members of the past, present, and future.

We told Ebenezer Rove about bargaining unit members who did not attend the company Christmas party or get a Christmas gift. The company explained they are tenure gifts but could not explain why they did not get a gift or the policy!

We rejected a company proposal on two job titles. It has the same job description, but one title has less pay. And the company can not explain why or follow their own rules.

We did reach a T.A. on non-discrimination that better protects our members.

Respectfully Submitted,

CWA 7250 Bargaining team at Rove

Co-Chairs: Bruce Nielsen & Shari Wojtowicz
Members: Greg Bute, Hector Capote
Alternate: Zach Sager