Joining a Committee and Becoming a Union Steward are just 2 of the things you can do to help strengthen your Union.
The other is to Get Active in YOUR Union by participating in any one of our great local committees.

Finance / Budget Committee – Meets one time per year for the purpose of creating the Locals annual budget. May require additional meetings if necessary.

Political / Legislative Committee – Help keep your coworkers informed on issues that are important to CWA members and Middle class workers. Help phone bank, door knock for campaigns like Get Out The Vote, and/or for candidates that supports workers rights.

Election Committee – Help run Elections within the Local. Prepare, mail and count return ballots on elections for Local Officers, Contract Ratifications, or any other necessary election. Election Committee may attend formal training.

Women's Committee – Help build resources and help communicate information important to women such as Health (i.e. breast cancer awareness) & stopping domestic violence. The committee will also build relationships with outside women's & minority advocacy groups, help build community alliances, and arrange volunteer opportunities for our members.

Equity Committee - The committee will build relationships with outside minority advocacy groups, help build community alliances, and arrange volunteer opportunities for our members. The Equity committee may also create opportunities for growth and leadership in the Union , and in our communities.

Community Services Committee - communicate volunteer opportunities to our members. Help organize volunteer events for our members to participate in as a group in fund raising for charities. Become active in the communities in which we live

Organizing Committee – Help organize workers that do not currently belong to a Union at their workplace.

Mobilization Committee / Steward's Army - Help keep co-workers informed of issues, actions & meetings. Pass out flyers. Bring issues back to the Union Leaders. Participate in job actions. Spread the word

CWA Local 7250 Union Steward – Click for more details. Steward Training coming soon.

CWA Local 7250 is looking for members to become more active. Contact us today for information and let us know which committee you are interested in.

Otherwise, please direct your emails to Chad Perkins.