Bargaining Report #10

During the only bargaining session this week: the company rejected the Union's proposal on Non-performance of Bargaining Unit work by Supervisors and Contractors.

In a company that already lost 1/3 of the bargaining unit since they organized (without replacing workers), Rove doesn't seem to understand why it is important to protect the bargaining unit and its work from further erosion.

Rove completely gutted the successorship language in their counter proposal which, if accepted, would leave the workers without protections in the event of a sale or modification to the current business model.

The Union team countered the company proposal on Probationary Period and the company counter on Union Activities.

After several counter proposals, we were able to reach a tentative agreement on Bulletin Boards, making this the 5th proposal to be TA'd out of 21 introduced by both sides.

Respectfully Submitted,

CWA 7250 Bargaining team at Rove

Co-Chairs: Bruce Nielsen & Shari Wojtowicz

Members: Greg Bute, Hector Capote

Alternate: Zach Sager