Bargaining Report 16

February 29, 2024

This week the Union team countered 3 prior proposals on Union activities, voting/election judge and jury/witness duty.

The company has stated numerous times across the table that they have been having a difficult time hiring call center workers in Minnesota, the Union team centered several new proposals around assisting the company in the new employee hiring process.

The company gutted the vacation and sick pay articles creating a paid time off proposal. They also rejected the Union proposal on bereavement, a key issue that the workers organized around... and this week the workers received a book about Empathy authored by the COO and chief bargainer for the company. Ironic?

Hold my beer.

We meet next week on Wednesday and Thursday for bargaining,

Respectfully Submitted, CWA 7250 Bargaining team at Rove

Co-Chairs: Bruce Nielsen & Shari Wojtowicz
Members: Greg Bute, Hector Capote 
Alternate: Zach Sager