Rove Bargaining Report #24

May 1st 2024


This week we met with the company two times.

The company introduced a counter proposal for wages filled with beetle references to signify levels of company achievement.  This seemed somewhat appropriate considering the proposal was filled with dung (beetles). The Union team asked so many questions, the company withdrew the proposal and will introduce it again after they “simplify it”???  Which will probably be worse.

The company’s counter proposal on AI – stripped out most of the financials that the Union originally proposed.   We may have better luck negotiating with an AI company rep with less emotion.

The company refused to paycheck deduction for Union dues and PAF citing not wanting to complicate the payroll process and keeping the company out of “the business the union”. 

Respectfully submitted, 

CWA 7250 Bargaining team at Rove 

Co-Chairs: Bruce Nielsen & Shari Wojtowicz

Members: Greg Bute, Hector Capote 

Alternate: Zach Sager