Rove Pest Control Bargaining Report #29

July 1, 2024


Picture for a moment a world of opposites. Day is night and shadows shine brightly while the sun casts darkness. Warmth comes from the icy touch of snow, and fire cools with its gentle, soothing flames. Silence roars, drowning out the whispers of thunder, and laughter brings tears of sorrow. Gravity repels, causing objects to float gently into the air, and time flows backward, with memories forming before experiences.

Well something must be wrong for it seems in a world of opposites, we share commonalities. One of those being a world where yearly pay has the potential to reflect its opposite world counterpart. That's right – a world where your reward is a decrease in pay.

Depending on yearly performance, it may be determined ( based on factors not yet known ) that a pay rate be adjusted to a lower rate. While no other known position at the company would be eligible for such a change, they feel such a groundbreaking policy would meet the company’s goals.

Rove continues to be blind to the growth potential that comes from a committed union workforce who are willing to commit themselves and the well being of their families to the success of Rove and even if they are able to maintain production values indefinably with the ever looming threat of being demoted the gains will degrade over time in the face of inflation making it almost certain that your best days at Rove are always behind you.

In closing, the company's proposal represents a significant step backward, with yearly decreases in pay and a bewildering array of beetle-named job titles that only add to the confusion. From the Stag Beetle to the Dung Beetle, each worker faces not only a loss of dignity but a relentless erosion of their wages. This regressive approach undermines our commitment to fair and equitable treatment. We stand united against such unjust practices, determined to secure a future where our hard work is rightfully recognized and rewarded.


CWA Bargaining Team
Bruce, Greg, Zach, Hector & Shari