Union Solidarity with Palestine Zoom Event - July 11th

On Thursday, July 11th 7:00pm Central CWA Local 7250 will host a Zoom event on Labor solidarity with the workers in Palestine.

Register here: https://bit.ly/7250forPal

Speakers will include:
- CWA Technicians from NYC
- CWA Campus Workers from AZ
- MNA Union Nurse from MN

As the genocidal war against the people of Palestine continues into its 9th month, with more than 40 thousand killed - the majority woman and children -  and hospitals, schools, houising and other infrastructure across Gaza obliterated, US politicians on both sides of the aisle continue to only enable and excuse the massacre.

What can union members here in the United States do to give solidarity to the working class Palestinians of Gaza? How can we help stop the war and support peace and justice for the Palestinans? 

This event is open to interested Union members from across the country