For Immediate Release:

July 10th, 2024

Oakdale, MN


On June 20th members of Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 7250 voted unanimously to authorize a strike if bargaining fails at Rove Pest Control company. While negotiations continue, and tentative agreements have been reached on a number of subjects, the top issues remain unresolved.

“It’s been one step forward – and two pay steps backwards, per the company’s proposals”, said Zach Sager, one of the call center employees. “Rove needs to get serious – or we’ll strike.”

Workers at the East Metro extermination company’s call center voted overwhelmingly to unionize with CWA Local 7250 back on September 15th 2023. The main issues that fueled the union drive were low wages, poor benefits, no funeral/bereavement time, and management’s disrespectful attitude towards hourly workers.

“Six months is too long to be negotiating for paid breaks, regular raises, accountable management, and union representation. This is starting to really bug me”, quipped Rove worker Greg Bute. “We need to get this pest under control.”

After more than 6 months of bargaining, the union workers at Rove believe it’s time to turn up the heat. Along with the strike authorization vote, CWA Local 7250 has announced a rally for Thursday, July 18th 2024 at 4:30pm at The Oaks Business Park at Rove Pest Control 7800 3rd St N # 1000, Oakdale, MN 55128. Members of CWA will be joined by members and leaders from the labor movement and elected officials from the region.

Senior Rove employee, Bruce Nielsen was blunt, “If these talks haven’t moved the action – maybe some action will move the talks”.

CWA Local 7250 Vice President Michelle Richardson, who oversaw the strike authorization vote, affirmed the union’s commitment to winning a fair contract, “As always, we will do whatever it takes.”

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CWA Local 7250

President Kieran F. Knutson


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