CWA 7250 'Zine distributed at the AT&T Tower Call Center upon the forced Return to Office in September 2022

Cover: Photos from Keep WFH Actions
p. 2: List of CWA 7250 Stewards & Officers in the Tower
p. 3: "From WFH to WTF", by Charli Haataja
p. 4: "Strength in Numbers", by Angela Bates
p. 5: "AT&T's Job Accommodation Scam"
p. 6: "Drawing Lessons from Our Fight", by Kieran Knutson
p. 7: List of Media Coverage of the Union Fight to Save WFH

p. 8: R - E - S - P - E - C - T

Download this file (CWA RTO Pamphlet.pdf)From WFH to WTF[RTO \'zine by CWA 7250]3196 kB