***Updated 5/18/17****

Attached is special picket assignment for the 3 day strike starting 2:00PM Friday if a strike is called.

Rules of the Picket line:

Bring kids
Invite family and friends
Wear red if you have it
Sign in with the picket captain
Picketing all 3 days is encouraged
Stay Informed

Watch social media like: unityatmobility facebook page, www.unityatmobility.com or text "mobility" to 69866 to stay informed.

Download this file (3_day_strike_assignment_May19-21.pdf)3_day_strike_assignment_May19-21.pdf[ ]323 kB

7250 member Hector Capote and CWA start bargaining the mobility orange agreement on behalf of over 24,000 workers including 7250 members in 27 corporate retail stores in MN, techs in MN & ND, and the newly organized DTV call center. Contract expires Feb 11 @ 11:59pm. Stand with Hector and our bargaining team!

Sign up for bargaining updates at unityatmobility.com


Announce to employee VTP Off Payroll Date Surplus Off Payroll Date
12/15/17 01/19/18 02/23/18
03/15/18 04/20/18 05/18/18
06/15/18 07/20/18 08/24/18
09/14/18 10/19/18 11/16/18


Announce to employee VTP Off Payroll Date Surplus Off Payroll Date
12/15/16 01/20/17 02/24/17
03/15/17 04/14/17 05/19/17
06/15/17 07/21/17 08/25/17
09/15/17 10/20/17 11/17/17
Download this file (2017.Surplus.Windows.pdf)2017 Surplus Windows[ ]42 kB

The Minnesota Nurses Association has been in an open ended strike at 5 Twin Cities area hospitals since Labor Day.

On Monday they courageously voted down Allina's latest proposal.

Their fight is just as much about protecting patients as it is about protecting their own families. The nurses still need language to address the staffing level problems. It is also ridiculous that someone who works in the hospital would not have access to free or affordable healthcare for their families. Allina's latest offer still forces the nurses off their affordable healthcare plans in 2020. Like so many employers they don't offer wage or other incentives high enough to offset those healthcare increases.

Many of the nurses have continued to hold the picket line, while they have sadly watched some of their coworkers cross the line and return to work.

They need our support more than ever now. Please spend as much time as you can on the picket lines with the nurses. Even if you can only spend 30 minutes each time, your supported is needed and much appreciated. A couple hours each week is not too much to ask. Bring your family, friends or a coworker.


Abbott Northwestern: 800 E 28th street Minneapolis
Phillips Eye Institute: 2215 Park Ave Minneapolis 
Mercy Hospital : 4050 Coon Rapids Blvd. Coon Rapids
Unity Hospital: 550 Osborne Rd, Fridley, MN
United Hospital: 333 Smith Ave N, St. Paul


"Nurses put the care in healthcare"


(Update Strike ended 10/11/16)